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While attracting owners of all working dogs, DVG exists for only one purpose - the training and titling of dogs of all kinds. DVG is the only IPO dog sport club that is not breed-specific. If your dog can do the sport, we accept it. We accept mixed breed dogs and unregistered dogs as well as purebreds. All our energy is focused on making the sport the best it can be, period.  In addition to IPO titles, DVG offers many obedience and tracking titles, providing competition opportunities for all people who love to train dogs, even the smallest of breeds.

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DVG stands for Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine, or the German Association of Working Dog Sport Clubs. DVG is the oldest Schutzhund training organization in the world. DVG was formed officially in 1947, but its roots go back to Germany’s first police and service dog associations formed in the early 1900s. DVG has over 30,000 members, with about 2000 of them participating in Schutzhund.

DVG exists for only one purpose -- training and titling dogs of all kinds. In Germany, DVG offers agility, FCI obedience, flyball, search and rescue, water rescue, and several other sports, providing competition opportunities for all people who love to train dogs, even the smallest of breeds. DVG is made up of over a dozen geographic regions (Landesverbands), all of which are in Germany except for LV DVG America. The president of LV DVG America is a member of the Board of DVG, and goes to Germany each year to the annual business meeting to vote on Board and membership affairs.

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