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What is DVG?

DVG stands for Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine, or the German Association of Working Dog Sport Clubs. DVG is the oldest and largest Schutzhund training organization in the world.  Begun in 1903, DVG was Germany's first police and service dog club and has now grown to nearly 30,000 members. DVG exists for only one purpose -- training and titling dogs of all kinds. In addition to Schutzhund and advanced tracking degrees, it offers obedience and tracking titles, providing competition opportunities for all people who love to train dogs, even the smallest of breeds.

DVG is made up of fourteen geographic regions (Landesverbands), thirteen of which are in Germany. The fourteenth is LV/DVG America. The American Landesverband is divided into four local regions (Kreisgruppen), whose presidents sit on the LV Board.

LV/DVG America sends a representative to Germany each year to the annual business meeting to vote on Board and membership affairs.

The official website for LV/DVG America. An “All Breed” IPO organization
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October 17, 2014

Information From Your President

If you would like Annetta’s future


As we approach the Nationals, there’s some information I want to share with you.

We are going to try to stream the general membership meeting, so anyone can watch and listen even if they can’t make it to Little Rock. This will be our first venture with streaming, so we may have some bugs we’ll need to work out. But I want to give it a try so more of you can learn first-hand what LV America is doing.  We are experimenting with a couple different channels, so we won’t be able to post the URL until we get to Little Rock. It should be posted on the homepage of the website by Thursday evening. Please let your members know. Remember, the general membership meeting is Friday at 4.  

We have finally completed the new English translation of the 2012 IPO rules. It went through several edits but we tried to minimize what we did to the translation provided by Germany. It will be for sale at the Nationals for $20. After the Nationals, it will be for sale through the website.

It seems that many members still don’t know about the new website, It’s important to use the new site because that’s where the official LV forms are, including scorebook applications.  Currently members are not always using the official forms. We have accepted them, however that will change as of January 1, 2015 when ONLY the official forms will be accepted.

The general membership meeting is at 4PM Central time on Friday at the stadium. If you are a delegate, please get there a bit early so we can check people in and start the meeting right at 4:00. And remember that the Board meeting is also open so you can sit in – Thursday at 1PM Central time at the stadium. BOARD MTG AGENDA

I hope to see many of you in Little Rock. Good luck to all the competitors!

Annetta Cheek

President, LV America


Several things happened at the last board meeting that I wanted to tell you about.

  1. We formally created a Communications Committee to work on the website and other communication issues. I know I wrote to you about the Communications Committee before, and several members stepped up to volunteer for this work. The Board appreciates the membership's willingness to help us modernize our organization. If you want to help work on communication issues and haven't already volunteered, get in touch with me at And if you have comments on the new website,, please send them on to me. We want you to have the best possible website and we can't do that without feedback from you.
  2. We also formally created a Handbook Committee to update our woefully out-of-date handbook. We are looking for members for the committee. Kathy Foster, the SE KG Vice President and one of our representatives at the BSP in Germany this year, has volunteered to help put the group together. So if you are interested in serving on this important committee, or if you just have some ideas about materials that should be covered, get in touch with Kathy at I suspect there aren't many people out there with enthusiasm for this task, so if you have any interest at all please help us out.
  3. We will also be coming out with some more proposed changes to the bylaws that will address:
  1. If you have noticed any issues with the bylaws, or if you think we should make more changes, now is the time to let me know. The bylaws are posted here:  DVG BYLAWS
  2. General membership meeting at the Nationals. We've decided to have the general membership meeting on FRIDAY after the 1s and 2s are done. That means a late afternoon starting time. I wanted to let you know this as soon as possible, in case it affects your travel plans. That will leave Saturday evening free for that important socialization. . .